Chlorine SSNMR of pharmaceutical compounds and their polymorphs

35Cl Solid-State NMR is used to study a variety of solid forms of pharmaceutical compounds, as well as their polymorphs, are studied in this work by Marcel, Hiyam and Andrew.

M.P. Hildebrand, H. Hamaed, A.M. Namespetra, J.M. Donohue, R. Fu, I. Hung, Z. Gan and R.W. Schurko*, 2014. 35Cl solid-state NMR of HCl salts of active pharmaceutical ingredients: structural prediction, spectral fingerprinting and polymorph recognition. Cryst. Eng. Comm. 16, 7334 - 7356. DOI:10.1039/C4CE00544A Invited Article.


New paper in JACS

Our second in a series of collaborative projects with the research group of Steve Loeb.

In this work, Chris O’Keefe uses 2H SSNMR to probe the dynamics of crown ether rings, and how they change with phase transitions.

Check it our here:

K. Zhu, V.N. Vukotic, C.A. O'Keefe, R.W. Schurko* and S.J. Loeb*, 2014. Metal-Organic Frameworks with Mechanically Interlocked Pillars: Controlling Ring Dynamics in the Solid-State via a Reversible Phase Change. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136, 7403–7409. DOI:10.1021/ja502238a